Our dream is to see God's future world begin to emerge here and now through the transformation of the whole person.


Collaborative Partnerships

Over the years, we've dreamed of seeing local churches partner alongside each other for long periods of time. By becoming a multi-year partner with AsOne Ministries, we invite you into our sustainable work through education and enterprise, but we also want you to partner with other churches around the world to both bless and be blessed.

The skills, abilities, and resources in your church will be used to help churches and community-based projects in Uganda. By entering into long-term relationships, we find that mutual transformation is always the result. 

Mobilizing Congregations

It is our passion to see local church communities be on the forefront of caring for their own neighborhoods. As your church walks alongside churches and communities internationally to engage their community in transformational ways, people from your congregation will be motivated and encouraged to do the same at home. Our hope is that partnering with AsOne will not only impact our work in Uganda, but it will be a true discipleship tool for your congregation by challenging it to consider the needs always around them. 

Church Partners