Our Model

We empower leaders and communities to think long-term about quality education.  Our goal is to help create schools that are locally owned and managed so that they can become self-sufficient. Our model looks to ensure four elements that allow it to be scalable and adaptable so that we can allow our work to fit the unique needs of each community we partner with. 

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Quality Facilities

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Income Generators

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 Feeding Programs

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Nursery & Primary School Education

Tendo Education Centre is a primary school that is located in Namayemba, Uganda. In 2018 it will house Nursery through Primary 4. Henry Ngolobe and Jesca Nalule are the directors of the school. TENDO partnered with AsOne Ministries in 2016 to develop a 5-year plan for creating a sustainable, high quality primary school in Bugiri District, Uganda. Currently, the school has two classroom blocks, a pig farm with nine pigs, 10 acres of land for feeding, a basketball court, and a water source. Tendo Education Centre serves 80 students and 8 teachers with sustainable education. 


Secondary School Education

Crater High School is a secondary school located in a remote community called Rwanyabihuka, Uganda. In 2018 it will house Senior 1 through Senior 3. A local committee serves as the directors of the school and has a current staff of five full-time and seven part-time teachers. Crater High School is a local community-owned school that partnered with AsOne Ministries in late 2017 to develop a five-year plan for creating a sustainable, high quality secondary school in the Ibanda District, Uganda. The school currently has 80 students.