Learn more about AsOne's vision, mission, process, beliefs, and story.


Our mission is to transform communities through education in rural East Africa


Our vision is to see dreams realized and communities transformed


Transformational Development is the process of learning to find and enjoy life the way God intended.

We seek to serve the most vulnerable by working in rural communities around the world. Education is the tool we use to seek human transformation. We look to accomplish our goals through three primary values:



We often talk about "seeing dreams realized"

We believe that dreams are universal but opportunity is not.

When we encounter issues of poverty we don't often find people who have given up, but people who have dreams to resolve the circumstances they are facing.

Our passion is tapping into the dreams of individuals and communities to see transformation take place. We envision a world where all people have the opportunity to change their communities.


In Uganda, we believe that the most effective way to build flourishing communities is to focus on sustainable efforts.

1. Our programs are run and lead by native Ugandans.

2. All our programs are geared towards long-term autonomy. Whether that be autonomous schools, gainful employment, or profitable enterprises.

3. We seek to make smart investments. For example, by investing  in training, livestock, and agriculture - we are creating multiple sources of revenue for all of our programs. 



We believe that poverty is a "relational" issues. At it's core, poverty is about broken relationships with God, ourselves, and one another. 

Poverty is about relationships that don't work, that isolate, that abandon or devalue. Transformation must be about restoring relationships, just and right relationships with God, with self, with community, with the “other,” and with the environment.

We must never "play god" in the lives of those we work with. But we must facilitate opportunities for everyone to find and enjoy life the way God intended it to be. 

We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We believe in respecting the dignity and equality of every human life.

We believe in engaging issues of injustice by encouraging the oppressed to be their own change agents.

We believe transformation is the change from a condition of human existence contrary to God's purposes to one in which people are able to enjoy a flourishing life in harmony with God

We believe in responsible and transparent stewardship of resources.

We believe in long-term commitments that produce sustainable results.

We believe that relationships must be the foundation for all of our work.



How we got started...

In 2015, through the power of relationships, AsOne Ministries began serving in the villages of Namayemba, Uganda and Kagina, Rwanda. AsOne has never been one person's story, but a collection of stories. Over the years, God has continued to unite people around the world with one common interest: seeing lives transformed. 

Our story is one of friendships and relationships. A commitment to people over projects. And a dream of seeing communities flourish on earth as it is in Heaven. Out of our love for God and one another we have taken steps of faith, chartered new territories, and given our lives to pursuing comprehensive solutions to complex issues of poverty by allowing local communities in East Africa to tell a different story about their situation. We believe that God has been at work in these communities for a long time and our desire is to partner with Him in His plan to restore all things. 

This story is a about learning what it means to be human again. It is about giving up our lives to see the most vulnerable lifted up. We have seen the ways education can lead to transformation. We're committed to a world where to most vulnerable have access to quality education.