AsOne Women's Bakery Update


MAY 2018 - AUGUST 2019

See how since last year, your support of $25,000 has started a business that is transforming the lives of women living in Namayemba, Uganda. The AsOne Women’s Bakery is creating jobs, providing skills, and promoting dignity for the materially poor around the world. This gallery is for you to see how your impact is rising.

“The number one thing I’ve so excited about is that we have been able to employ 10 women in the community. Out of their salaries, we’re seeing women pay the tuition for their children to go to school. The improved income for families has created stability and solved many conflicts and brought dignity to the mothers of the home.

We’re also creating market for local farmers and teaching people new methods of cooking and nutrition for people. Namayemba is so excited to learn about the potential that their crops have to make delicious and nutritious food.”

- Uwambaye Sylvia, Director of Operations

Andrew DeVaney