Inspiring The Next Generation // The Future is Now

Our dream is to see God’s future world begin to emerge here and now through the transformation of the whole person.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the hardest places to work in the 2/3rds world are the rural communities. Life can be slow, mundane, and transformation is a long-term process. Many groups come and go, drop in and leave, and very few decide to make the rural and remote communities their home. Very few commit to seeing these vulnerable populations “lifted up,” by partnering WITH the people of these communities, because it is really hard and not glamorous.

We believe the most effective way to create transformation in Uganda is to focus holistically on individual communities, especially rural and remote communities. The majority of the country is located in these areas – the rural and remote areas – and there is nothing glamorous about them. We go days without power or don’t even have access to electricity, water is scarce, resources are scarce, schools are few, and life is full of complex challenges.

We want sustainable change to take place in these communities.

It’s my belief that the future of these communities and the most vulnerable lies in the hands of the next generation. I’ve been inspired by student after student that wants to see the history of their family change, that wants to become a future civil servant, and I want them to be inspired that they can be the change they want to see.

We’ve seen that the most effective stimulant for economic growth and sustainability is through schools. By educating, training, and raising up future leaders we are poising ourselves for a different kind of future.

We sense that god’s future does not have to be so distant, but that we can create that different kind of future, now.

Help us build a school that will transform a community for years to come. We’re not going anywhere and we want to see God’s future world, the Kingdom of Heaven, alive and well in the community of Namayemba.

Together, let’s build a high school in the community of Namayemba.

Andrew DeVaney