The Scholars - Derrick Sajjabi


In 2012, Derrick Sajjabi fell from a tree and broke both of his legs. After his fall, his family was not able to afford proper medical treatment. Since that time, Derrick's legs did not heal properly, leaving him unable to walk or stand comfortably.

Our Immersion Coordinator, Tumuramye Didas, took a special interest in Derrick when he saw how this injury has affected his time at school and began building a trusted relationship with Derrick and his parents.

Didas and Derrick

Once Didas found out that Derrick’s parents have never been able to find an opportunity for Derrick to have surgery, Didas set out to find a solution.

Didas brought Derrick to a group of specialized doctors in Jinja, Uganda who examined him and have offered to cover the surgery. They are planning to perform surgery this May. This will change Derrick's future forever.

Didas and Family

Thanks to the individuals and families that have joined the Scholars Program, this has been possible.

When we met Derrick, he was not only discouraged about his future, but he did not think a future was possible. Through the power of relationships, this story is changing. Derrick's entire family is excited, hopeful, and praying for a bright future for him. Not only is this a story of Didas and Derrick, but a story of what becomes possible when all of us partner together to fight for a better world.

Melissa Guthrie