Transformation in 2018

In 2018, we saw transformation happening ALL over the place.

  • 120 students received scholarships at five different schools.

  • 38 people were employed through our sustainable development programs.

  • 5 vulnerable girls were provided transitional and restorative housing.

  • Nearly $1,200 was generated monthly through our local schools & businesses.

  • 15 families were trained in our Kitchen Garden Program and were provided their own sustainable kitchen garden.

  • Crater High School grew to over 90 students.

  • We built 7 buildings this year. 4 Classroom blocks, 1 transitional home, 1 outdoor pavilion, and 1 bakery.

  • 37 trip takers and interns traveled to Uganda to serve with us.

  • We provided scholarships to 5 individuals to receive high-education training.

  • An average of 75 students gathered weekly for discipleship programs.

  • Each business gathered as a community weekly for prayer and scripture.

And these are just some of the ways we saw God work in 2018.


Heading into 2019 we are more committed than ever to see the whole person transformed through sustainable development.

Here is a look at where we will be focusing in 2019.

  • Purchasing a 10 - 20 acre plot of land to start a farm that will help us utilize commercial farming methods to inform and demonstrate improved techniques to local farmers who can further benefit from the skills gained to provide for themselves and their families. Meanwhile, we can generate quality dairy, meat, and vegetable produce to be used for our businesses and schools.

  • Develop a spiritual formation curriculum to be used across all of our programs.

  • Host & establish a leadership conference in summer of 2019.

  • Construct office spaces for our Namayemba Staff.

  • Construct a student hall at Crater High School.

  • Host six Immersion Trips in Uganda.

  • Launch the AsOne High School in Namayemba at the beginning of 2020.

THANK YOU, to everyone who helped make 2018 an amazing year.

Phionah's Story

Meet Phionah.

A senior two student at Crater High School in western Uganda, Phionah is a maternal orphan and the oldest of many siblings.

Like a normal kid, she’s loves to play soccer and she has dreams for her life. Education, she believes, is the key to attaining those dreams.

That’s why a nearly two hour walk to school didn’t keep her from attending, prior to the boarding section being made available at Crater High School. It’s why she reads in her spare time and promises to study hard.

Phionah believes in her dreams, and so do we. Hear her story below.