A New Model, A Different Vision

I began my journey of attempting to walk alongside the poor in 2011. In the last 6 years I have seen a variety of approaches to international aid. But often, I found myself disillusioned with most of what I saw. I was frustrated that most local church based efforts were either focused on getting souls into heaven or making themselves feel needed by the people they were trying to serve. 

I became quite fed up with most modern tactics of working with the materially poor.


I wanted to do something that felt and looked like following Jesus. I wanted to embrace a life working with the poor not for them, a mission focused on the big gospel and not the small one, a story that prioritized people instead of projects, a plan centered on sustainability instead of dependency, and a movement that placed relationship at the heart of everything it did. 

Overtime that discontentment birthed AsOne Ministries.

It was the dreams of people like Henry Ngolobe, Henry Iwumbwe, Madina Masika, George Walker, and Nalule Jesca that have made our work what it is.


Today, we're advocating for a new model and a different vision. We're asking for everyone involved to imagine a different kind of world run after God's own order. A world where people are living in just and right relationships with God and with one another. A world where there is no hunger, or pain, or crying. And a world where the materially poor are the heroes of their own story and communities.

We trying something different. We're asking hard questions of ourselves. We're striving to be an organization that allows communities to create and own projects. AsOne Ministries gives leaders the ability to be catalysts for transformation.

One of our major goals is to help create and build sustainable schools owned by communities and community leaders.



  • We are offering schools much needed capital to improve and build facilities and infrastructure. 

  • We have built in strategic plans that help schools generate income through a variety of livestock projects.

  • Through a partnership at Dakota Wesleyan University we have programs that enable schools to have sustainable feeding programs

  • We also provide training for school leaders to teach and equip them with necessary skills that will help them manage efficient and sustainable schools

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