January Immersion Trip Group

Meet The Group


Meet Brenjamin Konold

Owatonna, Minnesota | 21 years old

Bachelors Degree from Augustana University

"I want to accomplish God’s plans. What I mean by that is I’m going into this trip with an idea of what projects I will be a part of, but I’m excited to see how God is going to stretch my faith to see bigger things happen than I can currently imagine. I’m pumped!"


Meet Michael Sandgren

Wisconsin | 24 years old

Pursuing Master's of Divinity from Denver Seminary | Pastor at Wellspring Church in Englewood, CO

 I’ve heard many stories about the work AsOne is doing, so I’m excited for the opportunity to join this work and meet some of the people I’ve heard so much about!


Meet Allie Simons

Brookings, SD | 24 years old

Bachelors Degree from South Dakota State University, Civil Engineering

"I'm most excited to travel and experience this different culture. I'm excited to meet new people and build relationships. Hobbies at home include horses/barrel racing and any outdoor activity!"


Meet Emmanuel Byamukama

Born in Rwanyabihuka, Uganda

Assistant Professor & SDSU Extension Plant Pathologist

"One of the things I pray for is to be used by God as a channel of blessings to His people. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this by joining friends through AsOne Ministries in supporting a community secondary school in western Uganda."


Meet Breanna Burklund

 Omaha, Nebraska | 21 years old

Bachelors Degree from Augustana University in Education and Religion

"I am so excited to return to Uganda and see how God will use me to impact others and how others will impact me. I am excited to just be present in every aspect of Uganda!"



Meet Eric Punt

Sioux Falls, SD | 25 years old

Bachelors Degree from Northern State University | Concrete Labor, Lynde Construction

"I'm excited about serving the lord and seeing his Kingdom alive here on earth!"



Meet Joshua Anderson

Sioux Falls, SD | 31 years old

Application Salesman, Electronic Control Designer

"It is no doubt I look forward to observing worship in Africa. Witnessing the nature and exuberance in which other Christians praise our Lord and Savior always brings joy and new meaning to reason I sing hallelujah! Spending time with the kids is also a benefit I'm looking forward to. They're sure to touch my heart as I hope to do the same in return."


Meet Jodi Simons

Born in South Dakota

Mother to Joshua and Allie!