Immersion Trip Highlight: Megan Peltier

My name is Megan Peltier and I recently graduated from Dakota Wesleyan University with a Degree in Digital Media and Design. I now work at my families’ business of Sioux Equipment Co., in Sioux Falls, were I create marketing materials.  


It’s hard to put into words what you experience when you travel to Uganda. After coordinating AsOne's fundraiser this summer I knew some about the work being done both in Uganda and Rwanda, but seeing it first hand is beyond words. Our first day in Namayemba we served with a medical clinic that was held for those in the community, though I didn’t work with the doctors I was able to spend time with the kids who had come with their family to the clinic. Just to see the impact a one-day clinic had on the community was astonishing, we were able to see many people get medical attention who may otherwise have not been able to get help.

To say our first day was the only day that impressed me would be a lie, we spent five days working with people within the community, but the best part was working with the kids. I spent a couple days at Tendo while in Namayemba, during the time there we were able to help pick greens for lunch as well as teach lessons to a couple of the classes.  Seeing the kids being so excited to help pick the food they would eat for lunch showed just how important the school lunch program was to the kids and the impact DWU and AsOne are having together. 


Being able to see the impact the projects have had on the community is amazing, and I would love to go back and see the progress they have made. The change that has happened within the community in the last couple years is impressive and the change is only going to continue. Knowing we were able to help these families provide for themselves is a great feeling and I loved every minute we spent with everyone there. 


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