five giants

"This is a Good Project" – Sustainable Kitchen Garden Update

As part of our fight against the Five Local Giants in Namayemba, we recently launched the Sustainable Kitchen Gardens to fight the giant of malnutrition.

Our goal is to empower families to create sustainable kitchen gardens that promote nutrition, education, and innovation.

The plan?

It’s started with ten families. Steven, AsOne’s Director of Agriculture, has been leading agriculture classes, teaching each of the ten families the principles of planting and tending to a kitchen garden.

Photos by Rachel Beth Haas

After the group works together to plant kitchen gardens in each of their homes, they will then be sent to disciple other families in Namayemba, so the fight against malnutrition will continue at the helm of local leadership and initiative.

In addition to providing nutritious foods and vegetables, the gardens will also allow each family the opportunity to sell their surplus for additional income.

We’re excited about this project and how it will flourish in the community, and the individuals involved are excited too! Check it out. ↓↓↓

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