Transitional Housing

The future for a girl who doesn't finish school is grim. Our transitional housing seeks to restore the identity of vulnerable women and children. 



Through regular interactions with our community, staff members, and Immersion Trips, there are many opportunities for women to grow in their faith. We host weekly prayer nights, Bible studies, and worship gatherings that help draw the women living in our homes into lasting transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.




Many young women need a place to live. For most of the women we work with, they have been victims of exploitation and abuse. They have often dropped out of school at an early age with no opportunity to return. It is critical that we provide safe housing for these women to grow, build community, and have their identity rooted in Jesus Christ. 



Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. We believe it is vital to send girls back to school to help provide for their families. Our guarantee is that women living in our transitional homes will have the opportunity to branch from Senior 4 class to pursue becoming a teacher, nurse, or whatever occupation they dream.