Providing specialized skill training for families in rural communities

Job creation is a crucial aspect of development. And broad-based, high-quality education is crucial for for development we realize that education and skills training must lead to job creation. A well-educated work-force allows workers to bargain for better wages and working conditions. Well-educated people are also more likely to help create jobs through entrepreneurship, innovation and invention. We want to see the lives and vocations of the poor restored. Check out our track record and our methods:



We equip men and women with skills to launch and manage their own businesses in their communities. Our training includes theoretical and practical education. Trainings are created to meet local needs and tastes. We have help launch bakeries, soap cooperatives, individually owned bike mechanical shops, and more. 




Our vocational education programs are designed to ensure proper and adequate management of individual, cooperative, and small business sized companies. Our desire is to see extensive trainings benefit lives where creativity can unlock the unique gifts and talents that each person contributes to the Kingdom of God.



Agriculture & Livestock

Thanks to partners at Dakota Wesleyan University we have been able to benefit from a sustainable feeding program that they helped architect for communities in Uganda. It is our plan to continue to use innovative farming practices at schools that will benefit entire communities.