AsOne Ministries is committed to Transformational Development, a process which seeks to restore people back to just and right relationships with God, self, and their communities. Poverty is a complex issue that mars all dimensions of human life. Our work looks to restore relationships by focusing on the whole person and entire communities.

We empower local churches and communities through education and enterprise.


We believe that education provides hope while inspiring dreams and creating new possibilities.

In the local language of Rwanda; Kinyarwanda, Esperance means hope.

Our approach to education helps break the cycle of poverty and brings hope to future generations.



We believe that Enterprise unlocks the unique gifts and talents that each person contributes to the Kingdom of God.

Poverty is a complex, multifaceted problem. There are no simple solutions.

Social entreprenuership and business development are essential to the way we engage issues of poverty. 


We believe the greatest environment for transformation is in the local church.

Our work is done in and through the local church by mobilizing communities towards transformational development.

Our goal is to restore people back to their original identity and purpose.


We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We believe in respecting the dignity and equality of every human life.

We believe in engaging issues of injustice by encouraging the oppressed to be their own change agents.

We believe in responsible and transparent stewardship of resources.

We believe in long-term commitments that produce sustainable results.

We believe that relationships must be the soil and foundation for all of our work.


We are a family gathered around the idea that we are better together AsOne.