What if we let the materially poor tell their own story?

What if we started with listening?

What if relationships were the foundation of our work?

What if we thought about the whole person? Entire communities? The full gospel? and sustainable solutions?

These are the questions that formed our story. This is the way we understand our work. We believe the world will be better, AsOne. 

AsOne Ministries is a story of friendships and relationships. A commitment to people and places over the long haul. It is a story of seeing God's people united around one dream. Our dream is to see lives transformed and communities flourish. Out of our love for God and one another we have taken steps of faith, chartered new territories, and given our lives to pursuing comprehensive solutions to complex issues of poverty by allowing local communities in Uganda and Rwanda to tell their own story. We believe that God has been at work in these communities for a long time and our desire is to partner with Him in His plan to restore all things. 

This story is about the Kingdom of Heaven. It is about learning what it means to be human again. It is about giving our lives up for a greater reality. 

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