The Scholars Program

In communities where families are living on a less the $2 a day, it can be a daunting task for many parents to pay school fees for their children. Our dream is to raise up a future generation of students that are passionate about seeing dreams realized and communities transformed. 

For this to be possible, we must ensure a students access to quality education.


For just $30 a month, you can partner with a Scholar and be a part of their transformation. As we seek to restore their identity as children of God and their vocation as productive stewards of God’s creation, we cannot wait to share with you the stories of change.

Meet Some Scholars

We select students in need

Currently, we have over 90 students in need of a sponsor.

We partner you with a student

For only $30 per month, we'll partner with you a student. You'll get to know this student through email updates, letters, pictures, and more.

An education and so much more

We're committed to the student’s education and so much more. All scholars are a part of the scholars "community" that meets weekly for discipleship classes, fellowship, and games. We are monitoring their health, success, and spiritual growth. We plan to keep you updated as the student's journey of transformation continues.

You'll empower the community

We promise to stretch your support as far as possible. AsOne Ministries is committed to a variety of sustainable development projects, such as building schools and agricultural education. Your support will make it possible for more men, women, and children to receive an education.